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Ripple xrp – where and How to buy it

What is Ripple XRP and how to buy it

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency that is decentralised, anonymous, and designed to be secure from the ground up. Bitcoin is the market leader, but there are a lot of problems with it, and other coins have cropped up hoping to dethrone bitcoin.
Buying XRP with Paypal has become more and more common

What is Ripple XRP Currency

OK, so we know what a cryptocurrency is, but what is Ripple XRP, and how is it different from other cryptocurrencies?

Ripple is a currency that operates a little differently to bitcoin. XRP is the transactional protocol that Ripple operates on, and Ripple uses a distributed ledger, just lik the other currencies. What sets XRP transfers apart is that the transfers are effectively instant. Typically, there is no confirmation time. Many other currencies have been plagued by slow transfers.


Ripple was founded by Ripple Labs, a company which still backs the currency. Now, however, there is a larger network of developers. Ripple has 100 billion XRP tokens, which all exist, and of which 60 percent are owned by Ripple Labs. This is in contrast to currencies which are mined, and have a fluctuating amount of coins in circulation.

The XRP ledger allows addresses to freeze non-XRP balances, and this is something which could come in handy to allow Ripple to woo regulators. It helps when there is a need to investigate suspicious activity. Some people feel that this feature bucks the trend of what cryptocurrencies are supposed to be about, beacuse it is adding a level of oversight and control to the currency. Sadly, if cryptocurrencies are to be adopted by those in power, and are to be used for important day to day transactions, it may be that they will need to embrace certain regulatory features – and in some ways become the thing they were rallying against in the first place.

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Kate Thorntons Tbseen cashback

Kate Thornton Tbseen Website

kate thorntonTBSeen-logo

If you have never heard of the Kate Thornton TBseen website, then you should read this brief article. It’s going to go over what it is, how it works and the benefits of using it. By the end of this article, you will want to head over to the site and start using it regularly.

What Is The Site

TBseen website is a site that was co-founded by Kate Thornton. That site specializes in cashback offers, deals and discounts from a range of retailers. In short, you can receive cashback and save money by joining TBseen and shopping via their site. it is celebrity endorsed by the likes of Lisa faulkner and shaznay Lewis. check out their pages here


How It Works

The way it works is simple. The first thing you have to do is signup for an account. Joining TBseen should only take you around 10 minutes or less.

After you open an account, you can search for hundreds of deals available via a range of retailers. There are over 500 retailers to choose from. Finding deals from your favourite shops should be easy.

You shop online just as you normally would. You’ll see how much you’ll save too. It really is that simple, but in order to enjoy the savings, you have to be a member of TBseen.


The best thing about TBseen is the number of retailers who are partnered with the company. The chances of finding retailers you will be into are very high. Whether you’re after a plane ticket, clothes, beauty products or something else, the chances are there is a retailer you can shop at via TBseen. All you have to do is search through their list of retailers.

Another good thing about the site is you can receive cashback on purchases you’d normally make. The amount you will receive depends on various factors. However, the more you shop and buy, the more cash you will receive back. This is one of the main reasons the site is so popular.

Hard to find deals can be found via TBseen, which allows you to save some cash. If you’re into saving money, then you’ll love TBseen. Here’s a tip, make sure to check out the site regularly because it is constantly being updated.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits of using Kate Thornton’s TBseen website. If you want to save money and receive a bit of cashback, then become a member of Kate Thornton’s website today. The sooner you do, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

welcome to the Fifth Annual Central Coast Lavender Festival – July 13th, 2013!

Thank you all who joined us for the fourth annual Central Coast Lavender Festival. This wonderful event was a huge success! We look forward to seeing you in July 2013 for the next celebration of all things lavender.

The fifth annual Central Coast Lavender Festival will held in the Downtown Paso Robles City Park on July 13, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The free event celebrates the lavender industry–an emerging local product–and features lavender producers from throughout the county, who will serve tastes of lavender cuisine, sampling of lavender oils, dipping sauces, lavender ice cream, and education on lavender, lavender growing, and sustainable farming practices.

There will be free seminars on distilling lavender, benefits of lavender, and demonstrations throughout the day in the City Park Gazebo.

Features: Music, a special children’s activities area, local lavender growers and vendors, arts, a Lavender Tasting Garden with tastes to purchase, and free samples and demonstrations.

Accompanying the Lavender Festival is a juried arts show, plus a variety of food and festival vendors.

We would like to thank all of those who came out to attend the Annual Central Coast Lavender Festival. The Central Coast Lavender Growers Association and The Paso Robles Downtown Mainstreet Association would like to thank all of our sponsors, vendors and attendees for helping to make this a highly successful event.